Maker Resources

On this page, you will find how to videos and files to go along with them. More tutorials can be found on my youtube page. Each image below has a link to the tutorial.

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DIY Platform Bed
How to build a Farmhouse Bar

Carbide Create Tutorials

CNC Router Tips & Tricks

Furniture and Other Cool Builds

Wooden Flags

The files below are zip files. Once you download them, just unzip, and they will be an svg.

Wavy Flag PNG’s

Click on any of the 5 images below to save a zip file with all 5 images in it. They will upzip as PNG’s.

30″ wide flag for kerf bent wooden flag

click on the flag to download a zip with a jpg, svg, and c2d file

DIY Phone Holder

Print these out at 100% at a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.

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